Custom Manufacturing

Our Custom Engineered strength equipment product line build specifically for lodging and workforce health, includes lean manufacturing techniques to reduce requirements of critical spares or mobile inventory, warranty and service manual updates for recommended installation, prebuilt trailers being shipped to very remote areas and additional space saving improvements to maximize stations & usable space at the same time for clients as can be seen on our functional training platform.

Service Solutions

Engineered & Procurement

Engineered Services

  • Facility 3D layout design and costing
  • Engineered parts design
  • RFP Asset Solutions
  • Engineered Equipment
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Maintenance services
  • Staff Training and courses
  • Project Management
  • Facility Consulting & Commissioning
  • Facility Safety Assessments
  • Digital Asset Feedback Reporting

Procurement Services

  • Logistics solutions
  • Recreation products
  • Sporting goods
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Leisure products
  • Entertainment goods
  • Gymnasium Equipment
  • Organizational products
  • Health supplements
  • Sanitation products
  • Green Program
  • Customizable Client Feedback Metrics

Maintenance Program

Preventative & Corrective

Sport, Fitness and Recreation Services

  • Preventative maintenance Solutions
  • Corrective Maintenance solutions
  • Engineered Software system for tracking and bench marking
  • Equipment Purchase Options
  • Recreation Center Programs
  • Lodge Asset Management Programs
  • Warranty Services
  • Zero hours Maintenance and Commissioning
  • Industry Leading Support
  • Certificate of Servicing
  • Green program
  • 100% transparency
  • Predictive Maintenance Solutions - requiring the most systems and skill which study’s show has the highest effect of all on cost savings
  • All the data at your finger tips through your own online Portal allowing for informed decision making

*** We have consistently reduced facility operating costs by improving asset run times, wearables life expectancy, improving si te safety, streamlining supply chain and creating scale-able technology solutions.

Maintenance Program

Staff Training

The best Life Cycle Management program in any industry includes the utilization of 5 general maintenance. Techniques, corrective maintenance, zero hours maintenance for commissioning and establishing a bench mark in the given environment, preventative maintenance to replace parts in order to prevent failure from occurring, predictive maintenance requiring the most systems and skill which study’s show has the highest effect of all on cost savings to it and periodic maintenance which is considered to take the least skill and is preformed on set time based intervals regardless of all other factors.

We are provding a revision to our client training program for periodic maintenance techniques done on site by their staff which help ensure a safe and efficiently operating facility in between intervals of the other maintenance techniques with videos and other training materials hosted on our portal to go along with the onsite and class training at our location we currently provide.